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Interlock Paving Patterns

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Interlock paving design and installation is a trendy architecture technique that is favored by a lot of people. It is important to note down that there are many different styles and designs one can choose from depending on the skill of the interlock paver company they choose. To understand interlock paving more, let’s break it down into its two words interlock and paving. Interlock means to connect two objects while paving is actually what you call installing the pavers into certain patterns of which you will be sticking together which is why it is called interlock paving.   

 Paving Patterns

Pavers are usually made out of cement, and sometimes you can even add a little color to the primary grey color of cement. Interlock paving is usually used for floors, walkways, driveways, and patios to add some aesthetic appeal to the overall look of that area. Moreover, there are many different patterns to choose from that would go perfectly with any style or design. Here are some of the interlock paving profiles you can choose.  

One popular choice for interlock paving patterns or design is the running bond pattern. This is the most common pattern used among homeowners today. Due to the simple pattern to lay, easy installation, and uses the least amount of waste compared to the other designs. Running bond is laid side by side creating illusions with its strong linear lines.   

These illusions can make your patio look longer or even wider depending on the direction it’s laid. This is the plainest paver pattern but needs minimal cutting which lowers the amount of work and the cost of installation. Running Bond is perfect for small areas-making them seem bigger, and also for areas close to the house to draw attention to your home’s architecture.  

Another design that you can use for interlock paving is the basket weave pattern. Originating from the old English landscape design era, this is a well-known pattern that will bring a vintage look to your area. The pavers in this pattern alternate between vertical and horizontal pairs. The paired pavers create rows and columns that have an eye-catching effect.   

You don’t have to stick with one color; you can get creative with this pattern by adding contrasting or complementary colors as well. This model is ideal for homeowners looking for a historical or vintage look. However, it is becoming less common compared to the other designs. The basket weave is also very durable and is perfect for nearly every location in your outdoor space. You could see this model in most sidewalks as it is fashionable for that type of interlock paving.

These are some of the many interlock paving patterns you could choose from when you are planning to install some. Always to make sure to contact the proper interlock paving contractors to ensure that the installation of it is properly done. You may also opt to do it by yourself, but you risk not doing it well especially if you are not familiar with paving plus a more extended installation time since you are just one person instead of hiring a contractor that would be able to give you a team.   

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